Custom Role: Transactions Sublist Missing on Records

After creating a custom role for users you may stumble across some issues. That’s ok, it’s completely normal. In this case, the user is unable to see the Transaction Sublist under the Financial Subtab. It just doesn’t exist at all! That just isn’t going to work, now is it?

This can be a major problem. If the users within the role are expected to view Sales Orders, Invoices, etc that have be created under specific Vendors, they simply won’t be able to.

How do we fix that?


Simply edit the Custom Role make sure it has a minimum of View Level Permissions to Financial History under the Lists subtab. If we don’t grant them a minimum of view access, NetSuite by default will not allow them to see it.

Lastly, save the Custom Role and have the users logout and back into NetSuite. As a result, they should all now be able to see the Transactions Sublist.

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