NetSuite for Transportation & Logistics

NetSuite for Transportation & Logistics

Changes in technology and customer needs are creating opportunities as well as complexities for transportation and logistics companies. Stay competitive with NetSuite’s all-in-one cloud-based solution that allows you to leave outdated technology behind. GDS is an industry leader in implementing and customizing NetSuite to meet your transportation and logistics needs.

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Do not get left behind in today’s everchanging transportation and logistics landscape!

Whether it is adapting to shifts in consumer demands, compliance standards or industry trends, the NetSuite platform is designed to accommodate growth and integrate with other cloud-based platforms. Allow GDS to help modernize your business through the flexibility and scalability that NetSuite offers.

Key Features

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Robust Global Functionality

NetSuite provides robust global functionality with built-in business intelligence enabling transportation and logistics companies to process key business data in real-time within a cloud-based system that is safe, secure and reliable.

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Real-Time Access to Key Business Data

NetSuite provides real-time access and improved transparency to key business data by leveraging cloud-based integration technologies enabling organizations to combine internal information with third party WMS, SCM and Procurement systems into one source of truth.

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NetSuite offers an unprecedented development platform with built-in flexibility and scalability for growth while providing industry-leading customization and integration capabilities. NetSuite operates geographically distinct data centers across North America and Europe.

GDS is a partner that will assist you in harnessing the power of NetSuite to streamline your business processes and consolidate your financials. 


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