Data Migration Services

Data Migration Consulting

  • Review and step-by-step walkthrough for using the CSV import tool
  • Review and explanation of the ERP data templates
  • Expert guidance on properly mapping legacy data into the customers ERP instance
  • Guidance through the data migration process
    (May include guidance for extracting data from legacy system)

Examples of records that might need to be migrated:

orange circles with text "Leads", "Prospects", "Customers", "Items (Inventory/Non Inventory)", "Chart of Accounts", "Vendors", "Employees", "Sales History", "General Ledger History", "Accounts Receivable", "Accounts Payable", "Sales Orders", "Purchase Orders", "Inventory", "Banking Registry", "Payroll"
orange circles with text

End-to-End Data Migration Service

  • Extract data from legacy systems.
    (Ex: QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, PeachTree, ACT, Goldmine, DOS based, Unix Based, and multiple other window based)
  • Legacy data cleansing, scrubbing, de-duplicating to eliminate redundant or obsolete data
  • Final data conversion to properly format data to match the requirements of the new solution
  • Date import process
  • Thorough data verification process to determine that the data was accurately translated and all data was migrated

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