We will help create a strategy that differentiates our client’s products, services, and brand identities from competitors.  Crafting a strong, comprehensive strategy to shape your brand ecosystem is key. 


In addition to creating your brand identity, our team includes Hollywood creatives who will help your brand come to life with TV, social media, and online ads.

GDS provides advertising services for the following:

Traditional Media

Produce TV and Print Advertisements with Hollywood creativity, experience and production value at affordable prices.

Social Media

Produce social media campaigns specific for each platform that helps set the tone and culture of your social media presence.  Track the progress, success, and engagement of social media ad campaigns.

Mobile Media

Scalable mobile first strategy focused on maximum engagement in innovative and impactful ways.

Integrated Media

Cross-channel integration strategy across all media platforms; integrate communication workflows, branding, advertising, and all marketing activities. Improve business ROI by streamlining, aligning and integrating materials and processes so that branding is reinforced, marketing is consistent, and media and communications work together.